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Blue Grass Energy is cultivating more than just power—it's fostering a culture of giving back through its innovative initiative, 'Pennies for Purpose.' This member-funded program is supporting local charities, demonstrating how small contributions can make a big impact in the lives of those in need.

With a commitment to not just powering homes but also of fulfilling their purpose of making life better, the cooperative way, Blue Grass Energy launched 'Pennies for Purpose' with a simple idea: to harness the collective strength of spare change for significant giving. The premise is straightforward—members of the cooperative voluntarily round up their monthly electric bills to the nearest dollar, with the additional pennies pooled together to fund impactful community projects.

Since its inception, 'Pennies for Purpose' has evolved into a catalyst for positive transformation. The program's success hinges on the people they serve; each participating member may only contribute a few cents per month, but collectively, these pennies accumulate into a substantial amount. Whether it's supporting local food pantries, aiding families in crisis, or supporting veterans initiatives, the program has become a contributor to diverse initiatives that enrich the communities they serve.

What sets 'Pennies for Purpose' apart is its emphasis on community engagement. Blue Grass Energy actively involves its members in the decision-making process, allowing them to vote on the projects to receive funding. This democratic approach not only fosters a sense of ownership among members but also ensures that the program aligns closely with the specific needs and aspirations of the communities it serves.

Moreover, 'Pennies for Purpose' stands as a testament to the cooperative's unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility. Beyond providing reliable electricity, Blue Grass Energy remains steadfast in its commitment improving the lives of those they serve, embodying the principle that businesses can and should be instrumental in uplifting the communities they operate within.

In a world where profound change often seems daunting, 'Pennies for Purpose' serves as an example that even the smallest contributions, when united, can create a ripple effect of positive impact. Pennies for Purpose not only demonstrates the immense power of collective action but also inspires a shared sense of purpose among its members.

To enroll your account in the PFP program, log into your account or call 888-546-4243.

2023 Recipients:

Wreaths Across America - $1,000

Wreaths Across America is an annual December event that honors and remembers fallen veterans by laying wreaths on their gravesites at over 2,500 cemeteries in the U.S. The donation was used to place wreaths at Camp Nelson Nation Cemetery.

Cynthiana-Harrison County Food Pantry - $1,500

The pantry provides food assistance to residents of Harrison County.  The donation was used to purchase food items to stock the pantry.

Seven Stars Relief, Inc. - $1,000

Seven Stars Relief, Inc. mission is to provide individuals and families who are in need of essential living necessities in Madison and Garrard counties. The donation was used to help purchase food, essential household, and hygiene items along with holiday blessing boxes.

Lawrenceburg Rotary Club - $1,100

The Lawrenceburg Rotary championed a scholarship drive for local BCTC students in Anderson County. The donation was used to help fund the endowment to support students for years to come.

Cynthiana Lions Club - $2,000

The Cynthiana Lions Club conducts annual vision screenings in area schools and their local community. The donation was used to help continue the valuable screenings for those in need.