This program provides an incentive for sealing duct work



This program is available in all service territories served by Blue Grass Energy.



This program is targeted to older single-family, multi-family or manufactured dwellings.

Eligibility requirements are:

  • Existing heating system to be sealed must be a heat pump, duel-fuel, or electric furnace.

  • Duct system must be a minimum of 2 years old to qualify.

  • Limited to homes that have accessible centrally-ducted heating systems in unconditioned areas.

  • Initial duct leakage must be greater than 10cfm per 100ft2.

  • An energy advisor or Blue Grass Energy approved contractor must perform a "pre" and "post" blower door test to verify reductions.

  • Duct leakage per system must be reduced to less than 8cfm per 100ft2 (Ex: Duct system serves 1200ft. 1200ft2/100= 12 x 8cfm= Duct Seal Target of 96cfm).

  • All joints in the duct system must be sealed with foil tape and duct mastic. Foil tape alone does not qualify as properly sealing the duct system.

  • For homes that have two or more separately-ducted heat systems, each system will qualify independently for the incentive.



$400 incentive to member (or their contractor) that meets the eligibility requirements for duct sealing.