Media Contact

Denise Myers
Vice President, Community Relations, (859) 621-9801

Safety Information for News Crews

At Blue Grass Energy, we understand the importance of keeping our members up to date about storm and outage conditions; however, our primary concern is keeping our crews safe and focused.

Whether it's during line construction, accident scenes or outage restoration, power lines pose numerous hidden dangers. While our linemen are trained to identify and avoid these electrical hazards and work safely, it's critical that everyone else stay clear of the work area and equipment.

Aside from the risk of serious injury, spectators can divert a lineman's attention from their current task. When working with wires carrying 14,400 volts of electricity, linemen must be able to focus their thoughts on what they're doing.

Following a storm, debris and broken/ fallen tree limbs can pose numerous additional risks. Downed or low-hanging lines can still be energized and deadly. 'Getting the story' should never get in the way of maintaining your own personal safety.

Blue Grass Energy provides information on our website that can provide updates in a timely manner, including our real-time outage viewer, as well as our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

If you have any additional questions concerning an outage or the state of the restoration process, call Denise Myers, Vice President, Community Relations for up-to-date information.