Prepay gives members an opportunity to purchase electricity before they use it.  This eliminates the need for deposits, late fees, disconnect fees, and reconnect fees. You will not receive a bill, and must be able to receive electronic communications.

To enroll in prepay:

You can enroll in Prepay by placing a minimum of $100 in your Prepay account.  No deposit is required. Text or email alerts are sent daily which includes your account balance and daily usage. Several small payments can be made throughout the month rather than having a larger payment due on a certain date.

To sign up for Prepay, our prepaid energy solution, you may call the office at 888-546-4243 or use the form below to begin the process.

Once you enroll in prepay, how does it work?

Prepay accounts bill daily. Members receive a text message or email each morning with kilowatt hour (KWH) usage and the account balance.

The daily billing on prepay accounts is delayed by two (2) days. For example, the message you receive on Monday morning will be for the past Saturday's usage.

As long as the message shows a credit balance, the service will remain on for that day. If your account reaches a negative balance, it will be subject to disconnect. There are no reconnect fees or late fees associated with a prepay account, but in the event that the service does disconnect, the account will need to reach a credit balance of at least $25.01 before the service will automatically reconnect.  You will receive a message if the service has been disconnected which will include the minimum balance required to reconnect the service.

You can simply reply to your daily text (352667) with "PAY" to make a payment or with "BAL" to inquire about the current balance. A payment profile will need to be saved to make a text payment.

We also have an app available to access your account, make payments, and see daily usage. To download the app, visit the App Store or Google Play.

Prepay (A Prepaid Energy Solution)
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