When it comes to renewable energy, what is the right choice?

There is no wrong choice when you choose to use renewable energy to power your life. Blue Grass Energy offers earth-friendly electricity from renewable sources like solar, wind, biomass and hydro.

Purchasing Envirowatts

​Here is how the program works:

  • Whether you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate renewable energy into your life or you’ve committed to an environmentally friendly lifestyle, Envirowatts is the right choice for you.

  • You have the power to choose which renewable energy source you wish to support–wind, solar, bio-mass and/or hydro. Our voluntary program offers you the opportunity to purchase renewable energy in $2.75 portions, with no maximum. When you purchase Envirowatts, you invest in the future of renewable energy in Kentucky.

  • Any option you choose is recognized with the Green-e certified certification. Green-e Energy is a voluntary certification program for renewable energy. You can feel confident knowing your renewable energy purchase is an investment in the future of renewables.

  • Envirowatts is a positive choice that reduces our reliance on limited resources, while improving and preserving the environment for future generations.

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Request For Purchase of Envirowatts, Green Power From Blue Grass Energy:
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I want to purchase ______ portion(s) of envirowatts. I understand that each renewable-energy portion will add $2.75 to my monthly bill and that this agreement will remain in place until I send Blue Grass Energy a written request to discontinue.
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