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Outage Numbers Decline

As of 9:00 a.m. this morning, we have 267 individual outages causing a loss of power for 3,942 members. This is down from nearly 8,000 at our highest point yesterday.

Repairing damaged areas of our power grid can be very labor intensive and slow. However, we have nearly 120 operations personnel working in the field to restore power. 

How Power Is Restored

Restoring power after a major weather event is very labor intensive. However, there is a "method to the madness". This short video will explain how we decide where to start and where to go next.




Outage Numbers Declined During The Evening

This is lineman Thomas Walton working to restore power on Henry Lane in Nicholasville. He and all our linemen have been working diligently all day to rebuild some of the damaged areas of our power grid.

At the height of our outages today, we had over 8,000 members without power. That number is now 4,755. We will have employees working through the night to continue our progress. We will resume updates on social media and our website tomorrow no later than 7:30 a.m.

Outages Anticipated To Last Into Wednesday For Some Members

Sunday night, a very heavy, wet snow fell across a large part of our service area. The weight of the snowfall has caused numerous trees, limbs and wires to either sag or fall, resulting in over 7,000 members without power.

All BGEnergy crews have been working since early morning. By this evening, we will have an additional 61 linemen from other cooperatives and contractors assisting us in restoration.

Outage Numbers Continue To Increase

As of Noon, our outage numbers have climbed to over 7,000 members without power. We have secured the assistance of 52 additional linemen from Taylor County RECC, Meade County RECC, Nolin Electric and Davis H. Elliott Contracting.

We are working as safely and swiftly as possible. Our employees will continue to work until all power is restored. We appreciate everyone's patience.

Heavy Snow Causes Numerous Power Outages

A heavy, wet snow fell across our service area last night. As a result, the weight of the snow has caused numerous trees and spans of wire to fall. As of 8:00 a.m., we have just over 4,000 members without power.

Blue Grass Energy Is Looking For The Next Generation Of Leaders

What do 1,500 high school students, our nation’s capital and electric cooperatives have in common? The Washington Youth Tour (WYT), of course!

Public Service Commission (PSC) Weighs in on Cold Weather

Press Release from PSC on cold weather producing higher electric bills. 

PSC Press Release

Click above for full press release. 

Federal Tax Changes Will Not Affect Blue Grass Energy

Recently, changes were made to the federal corporate tax code.  These changes lowered federal taxes on for-profit corporations.

Blue Grass Energy is a not-for-profit cooperative and exempt from federal taxes.  (We still pay property and local taxes.).

Therefore, these tax code changes do not impact us, and there are no additional savings available to pass on to members.

Members are already benefiting from lower taxes—more than if they were served by an investor-owned utility, and they receive their power at our cost.

Cold snap triggers spike in local energy use

The unusually cold start to 2018 has resulted in higher than normal energy use by members of Blue Grass Energy and other utilities across the region.

Blue Grass Energy is encouraging members to be aware of their energy use and take steps to help manage electric bills, which are also expected to be higher than usual as a result of increased usage.

Weather, especially cold weather, affects residential energy bills more than any other factor. Heating claims about a 42 percent share of overall energy use in U.S. homes. 


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