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Why We Clear Rights-of-Way

Providing our members with reliable electric service is a top priority at Blue Grass Energy. One of the main components of service reliability is having clear rights-of-way throughout our system. 

Rights-of-way for distribution lines that carry power to homes and businesses are typically a minimum of 10 feet on each side of the lines. We need this clearance to safely maneuver our large utility vehicles as we work to install, repair and maintain electrical equipment.

Clear rights-of-way also prevent trees from coming in contact with power lines. We know trees are one of the leading causes of electrical power outages. A single limb that comes into contact with a power line can blink lights or cause an outage.

We hire professional tree trimming contractors trained in using directional pruning techniques developed by the National Arborist Association. These techniques are promoted by the National Arbor Day Foundation and only remove the parts of the tree necessary and encourage growth away from the lines. Trees are pruned in a way that will leave them healthy.

Because of our commitment to proper tree pruning, Blue Grass Energy has been named a Tree Line USA utility by the National Arbor Day Foundation for the last five years. 

Providing reliable power is just one of the many ways we are making life better, the cooperative way.

Benefits of tree trimming

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