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We are making improvements for you!

Tomorrow, July 12th, from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m., improvements will be made to the transmission line that provides power to the areas listed below. We are doing this to ensure you have safe, reliable energy.

Why do we have planned outages?

Occasionally, the equipment we use to bring power to your home needs to be replaced, repaired or improved. When this happens, as a way to keep our crews and you safe, we plan an interruption to electric service.

To help you through the interruption, we recommend the following:

  1. Have your mobile devices charged if possible.
  2. If you have a medical issue, such as being reliant on oxygen, plan to make other arrangements during this time.
  3. Leave refrigerator/freezer doors shut. These appliances should maintain their temperature during this short time frame.

We appreciate your patience as we make these improvements to better serve you. It is just another way we are making life better, the cooperative way.

Crooksville Rd

Speedwell Rd

Panola Rd

Goodloe Chapel Rd

Brassfield Rd

Ogg Ln

Dreyfus Rd

Bethleham Rd

Walter Lakes Rd

Pioneer Dr

Menalaus Rd

Salter Rd

Daisy Rd

Raven Rd




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