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Take our online home energy analysis

Understanding your home’s actual energy use can be confusing. That’s why we offer an online tool called BillingInsights to make it easier to understand. Plus, when you complete your home profile, we’ll send a free Philips Slimstyle LED bulb to you!

This new tool allows you to view energy use and costs by using your billing history, actual weather data and some information you provide about your home. It also shows you how you can lower your energy costs and become more energy efficient.

Click on the BillingInsights link to begin. It’s totally free, available 24/7 and only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Once you finish your online audit, you will receive your Slimstyle LED light bulb by mail.

BillingInsights…just another way we are making life better, the cooperative way.

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contact us byemailor calling 888-546-4243.


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