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SimpleSaver helps you control energy costs

At Blue Grass Energy, our purpose of making life better, the cooperative way is what guides us. That’s why we offer an innovative, voluntary program that makes your electric bills more affordable. It’s called SimpleSaver.

Here’s how SimpleSaver works. One of the issues Blue Grass Energy deals with is what we call “peak demand.” That’s a period when electric demand is at its highest.

Peaks typically occur in the summer and winter when temperatures are highest and lowest. During the winter, water heaters are big contributors to peaks. In summer, air conditioners are the principal cause.

Distributing power to you during those times is costly because when demand for any commodity is especially high, prices typically increase.

SimpleSaver helps both you and Blue Grass Energy.

If your water heater or central air conditioner is managed for just a few minutes during peaks, it relieves the strain on the electric system.

When you enroll in SimpleSaver, we install a remote switch on your electric water heater(s) and/or your central air conditioning unit(s).

During peaks, we manage the units that are in the program for short periods. You shouldn’t notice any difference in the amount of hot water you have available or in room temperature.

In return for participating in SimpleSaver, you receive a $10 credit annually on your February bill for each water heater you enroll. Qualified water heaters must be 40-gallons or greater in capacity.

You also receive a $5 credit on your monthly bills during June, July, August and September for each central air conditioning unit you have. That’s $20 annually you can save for each AC unit.

By joining SimpleSaver, you save yourself money and at the same time help lower the overall demand on the electrical grid. All you have to do to sign up is call 1-800-305-5493 or click here.



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