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Seal your ducts to save

Many Kentucky homes waste energy and valuable dollars because of leaks in the duct system.

If you have a forced-air heating and cooling system, you can typically improve the efficiency of your system by as much 30 percent by finding, sealing and insulating leaks. And best of all, you could receive a $250 rebate from Blue Grass Energy. You may do the work yourself, or hire a contractor. 

When you eliminate leaks in your ducts, you enable your home’s heating and air conditioning system to provide the same amount of comfort with a lot less time running. Your conditioned air goes to the rooms where you live.

If you have good access to your ducts, there is one key step to take. It requires little expertise, but this one step often makes a dramatic difference in the efficiency of your duct system. By using a paintbrush to apply a substance called mastic to every duct seam, you can plug the leaks.

Mastic is an adhesive sealant. It is a substance that has a similar consistency as jelly. After it dries on your ducts, the mastic provides a permanent seal. A homeowner should wear plastic gloves while applying the mastic with a paintbrush to every joint in the duct system. Mastic can be purchased at companies that sell wholesale to heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors.

Once the leaks are fixed with mastic, you can save even more by insulating ducts located in unheated areas with foil-faced duct insulation. Just wrap the insulation around the duct and tie or tape it into place.

In many cases, you can spend a little time and make a major difference in the energy efficiency of your home. For more information on how to save, go to

Prior to starting the work, a Blue Grass Energy representative will need to visit your home and perform a duct leakage test. They will visit again after the improvements are made and conduct a second duct leakage test. (note: this program is for existing homes that are at least two years old).

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