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Save with the STAR

Save with the STAR

Earn rebates for appliances with ENERGY STAR rating

Is a large appliance such as a refrigerator or clothes washer on your shopping list? Then be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR logo to save money now and in the future.

To encourage our members to make energy-smart purchases, Blue Grass Energy offers rebates ranging from $50 to $300 for major appliances that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating. Qualifying appliances include freezers, dishwashers, clothes washers and refrigerators (greater than 7.75 cubic feet). Rebates are also available for heat pump water heaters, air source heat pumps and central air conditioners.

Know the difference

Before you shop, be sure you understand the difference in labels you’ll find on new appliances. Most appliances will have a yellow Energy Guide label, but that does not indicate that it has earned an ENERGY STAR rating. It pays to know the difference since only those with the ENERGY STAR rating can earn a rebate from Blue Grass Energy.

The ENERGY STAR logo is on all qualified products that meet specific standards for energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR qualified products exceed the federal minimum standards for efficiency and quality — sometimes significantly. Look for the logo on major appliances and water heaters.

The bright yellow and black Energy Guide label, which the federal government requires most appliances to display, helps you determine whether an appliance is energy efficient. Energy guide ratings for appliances will show their typical usage in kilowatt-hours per year. The lower the energy number, the more cost efficient it is to run. These labels will not show you which appliance is the most efficient on the market.

Before you buy, remember that an appliance labeled “energy efficient” may be low energy rated, but may not meet the standards to be an ENERGY STAR product. Choose an ENERGY STAR-rated product to earn both a rebate now and for exceptional energy savings over the life of the appliance.

Learn more about Blue Grass Energy’s appliance rebates here.

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