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Outage texting is catching on

When Mother Nature or some other force strikes knocking out power, members are letting us know via the keyboard on their cell phone. “This is great!”, “It is so easy to use!” and “It was so fast” are some of the comments we have received from members who have utilized the texting option.

Enrolling in outage texting is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Verify we have your current mobile phone number listed on your account. Click here to verify your information by logging into your account.

Once you have the correct mobile number associated with your account, text “bgoutage” to 85700. You are now enrolled.

You will receive a welcome message with instructions on reporting future outages.

When you need to report an outage, text #out to 85700. (Save 85700 in your contacts for easy reporting in the future.)

Text #status for updates during the outage.

Once power has been restored, a text confirming the restoration will be sent to you.

Don’t wait. Enroll today and be ready to text us the next time you are in the dark.

Outage texting is just another way Blue Grass Energy is making life better, the cooperative way.



If you need help using our Website or have any questions,

contact us byemailor calling 888-546-4243.


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