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Net Metering

Blue Grass Energy offers net metering opportunities.

Net metering is a way for members who generate part or all of their electricity to receive bill credits. It measures the difference between the electricity you buy from us and the energy you generate using your own renewable sources, such as solar or wind.

With net metering, you get the full value of the electricity you generate. Basically, you will be charged for the amount of energy that you purchase from us minus the cost of the energy that you provide to us.

If you decide to participate, you will need to meet all applicable codes and standards, obtain an electrical inspection from your local electrical inspector and sign a net metering agreement before we install the new meter.

Read the official net metering rates schedule here.

Application for Interconnection & Net Metering 

Net Metering Brochure

Cost Recovery Worksheet

If you have a question about our net metering program and would like to email us, click here.

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