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Level your bills with Levelized Billing

An old saying in Kentucky is “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few hours and it will change”.  If you have lived here long enough, you know this saying is true.

Living in a region of the U.S. where the climate can change drastically can cause electric usage to vary from month to month.  We want to help members manage their energy so we offer a program called Levelized Billing.

Levelized Billing allows us to average your monthly power bill based on your current month along with the previous 12 months of power use. Then we bill you for that average amount—so you pay approximately the same amount every month. There is no “settle-up” month because the amount is recalculated each month based on a rolling average.

To take advantage of Levelized Billing, you need to have been in your home for 12 months and have a zero balance. Signing up is easy. Click here to see your bills level out today!







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