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The Commitment Of An Electric Lineworker

On April 8, we celebrate National Lineworker Day. Blue Grass Energy’s lineworkers are responsible for keeping power flowing day and night, regardless of national holidays, vacations, birthdays, weddings or other important family milestones. Beyond the years of specialized training and apprenticeships, it takes internal fortitude and a purpose-oriented outlook to be a good lineworker. In fact, this service-oriented mentality is a characteristic of lineworkers. The job requires lineworkers to set aside their personal priorities to better serve their local communities. 


Laboring high in the air wearing heavy equipment and working directly with high voltage can create a dangerous environment. But electric lineworkers are up to the task. These dedicated workers are committed to safety, as well as the challenges of the job. At Blue Grass Energy, safety is first in everything we do.


To perform their jobs successfully, lineworkers depend on their years of training, experience and each other to get the job done safely. Equally important is their reliance on a strong support system at home. A lineworker’s family understands and supports their loved one’s commitment during severe storms and power outages. This means in times of prolonged outages, the family and their lineworker may have minimal communication and not see each other for several days. Without strong family support and understanding, this challenging job would be all the more difficult.


The purpose-focused mentality of helping others often extends beyond their commitment to their work at the co-op. Lineworkers can often be seen volunteering in the community. They can be found coaching youth sports teams, leading Boy Scout troops and volunteering for local charities.


Monday, April 8, is Lineworker Appreciation Day. We know the dedication of our lineworkers; we want to take a moment and offer them a thank you for all they do, on the job and off the job, for our communities.

Blue Grass Energy lineworker Russ Drury.

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