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We're Building Cooperative Solar Farm One

Construction is well underway for Cooperative Solar Farm One. Crews are driving steel posts into the ground and attaching solar panels.

The farm should be operating by November. When completed, the not-for-profit solar farm will feature 32,300 panels spread over 60 acres. It will be one of the largest solar farms in Kentucky

You can see Cooperative Solar Farm One being built as you travel along Interstate 64. The farm is located approximately 10 miles east of Lexington, on the south side of the interstate. Keep an eye out for our sign!


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Be efficient in the kitchen with no-bake recipes

Cooking in the summer can be unbearable, and the last thing you want to do on the hottest, most humid days is turn on the oven to make dinner. Your air conditioner works extra hard during summer months to keep your home cool, so why not give it a break with easy, efficient, no-bake recipes. The recipes below are meant to help you make a delicious meal for your family, without breaking a sweat!


Setting off fireworks on the 4th? Look for power lines

Outage numbers decline

As of 11:30 p.m., we have 26 outages affecting 370 members. Our operations personnel will continue working to restore power. For specific outage information, be sure to visit our outage viewer. Simply click on the specific outage and all known information will be available.

We appreciate our members patience.

Crews continue making repairs after strong storms roll through the area

We are experiencing multiple outages after strong storms caused damage throughout our service area.

Currently, we  have 31 outages causing nearly 1,300 members to be out of power. All crews are working as swiftly and safely as possible. They will work until all power is restored.

For the most up-to-date information, visit our outage viewer. The link is available on our home page.

As always, we encourage members to be safe and avoid downed power lines.


Thunderstorm safety tips from the American Red Cross

When thunderstorms are rolling your way, stay safe with these helpful tips from the American Red Cross:

Now that's a great deal!

It was a deal too good to pass up.

While reading their electric bill insert, co-op members Bob and Jan Swope learned how to cash in on the 30-year-old refrigerator they were replacing with a new ENERGY STAR appliance.

“Ironically, I had just been quoted a cost of $150 to haul my old refrigerator off,” said Bob. By making a call to the co-op, the Swopes were paid $50 to recycle their old, energy-wasting refrigerator and have it hauled away at no charge.

Blue Grass Energy celebrates 80th Annual Meeting

On Thursday, June 1, Blue Grass Energy welcomed a crowd of nearly 700 members and their families to the cooperative’s 80th annual meeting, held at the Keeneland Entertainment Barn in Lexington, Kentucky.

The crowd of over 1,500 was treated to a meeting geared towards families with several children’s activities, which varied from bounce houses to video games.

60-Acre Solar Farm Offers Benefits of Renewable Power to Blue Grass Energy Members

Construction is under way on a 60-acre solar farm in Kentucky, and Blue Grass Energy’s members will have an opportunity reap the benefits for their home or business.

Blue Grass Energy and the 15 other co-ops of Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are partnering to build the not-for-profit Cooperative Solar Farm One, which will feature 32,300 solar panels when it is completed in November.


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