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We want to help you manage your energy

Reducing household energy use doesn’t mean doing without. It doesn’t require walking around your house wearing extra sweaters and earmuffs in the dead of winter. It does means being smarter about how you manage the energy you do use. We want you to consider Blue Grass Energy as your trusted resource for exploring energy-saving ideas. As a not-for-profit, member-owned electric co-op, we want to help our members with energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency means performing the same job and getting a similar outcome using less energy. This efficiency is often achieved through a mechanical change, such as replacing an older, less efficient appliance or mechanical unit with a new model, but sometimes a minor change of habit is all that’s needed. Examples could include changing your furnace filter, turning down the thermostat or washing clothes in cold water instead of hot. 

We also offer programs like BillingInsights.  With a few taps on your mobile device or clicks of a computer mouse, you can track electricity use in your home and learn exactly where your energy and dollars are going.

BillingInsights uses your home’s actual energy usage and local temperature information to calculate your specific energy use and costs. Because it applies your personal billing history, BillingInsights is more accurate than any other online energy program.

Not only do we help members with existing homes, but members building a new home. Our Touchstone Energy Home standards help members have a comfortable home with affordable energy bills.

So no matter if you looking for efficiency tips or building a new home, we want you to turn to us as your trusted energy advisor. We want to help you by making life better, the cooperative way.


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