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Friday, Oct. 6 is Co-Op Connections Day

Are you using your co-op ‘connections’?

What’s the best reason to use your Co-op Connections Card? “It saves money!” says Tiua Chilton,  a Blue Grass Energy co-op member and self-described smart shopper who uses the free card to receive discounts on everyday products and services.

The Co-op Connections program delivers added value to Blue Grass Energy members by offering a variety of discounts at participating local and national businesses. At the same time, it promotes economic development because participating businesses benefit from increased customer visits by co-op members.

Cardholders can save 10 to 85 percent on most prescriptions at over 60,000 independent pharmacies and national chains. Participating businesses also include healthcare providers (dental, vision, hearing, chiropractor, X-rays, lab work), restaurants, hotels and many retailers.

Chilton’s favorite Co-op Connections Card story involves the purchase sunglasses needed to protect her light green eyes during outdoor activities. She found the exact sunglasses she was looking for at a local vision center, and they were on sale. Even better: By showing her card, she saved a total of 41 percent on the sunglasses, which were originally priced $188.

Tiua scored a great deal by using her “connections,” and you can, too. Each Blue grass Energy member can get a Co-op Connections Card free of charge. There’s no catch — no signup, no annual fees.

Patronizing participating Co-op Connections vendors and getting your discount is just as easy. Download the Co-op Connections Card app by searching for Co-op Connections Card in your smartphone store. The app will help you find discounts offered by businesses in our area.

We invite you to make a special effort to take advantage of your Co-op Connections Card on Friday, Oct. 6, which is National Co-op Connections Day. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate another perk of being a cooperative member during National Cooperative Month while supporting our participating businesses.

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