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Alerts & Reminders Can Save You Money

We know our members are on the go and many rely on texting to receive and send information.

To make life better for our members, we offer the option to receive alerts and reminders absolutely free of charge. We can alert members of due dates, if an account is past due, a returned check, payment confirmation and high kilowatt usage.

Why should you sign up for alerts? Just ask Denise Myers. 

“I had been receiving daily electric usage alerts for about a year and had a good idea of what my normal daily usage was. A few days before last Christmas, I noticed my usage jumped. It continued to rise abnormally for the next two days. I knew something had to be wrong and only a few things in the home could use that many kilowatts in one day. One of those was a water heater.  Mine is located in an unfinished basement. As soon as I went down the steps, I could see the water standing.

My heater was leaking and causing the heating elements to engage.

Thank goodness I caught it after only three days instead of weeks! We rarely go to our basement and I wouldn’t have known there was an issue until I received my monthly bill.

The second time text alerts saved me money was this year when we transitioned from cooling to heating. We had accidently moved the thermostat to emergency heat. I caught it after two days of what I knew was above normal usage instead of after receiving a 30 day bill.”

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today. It’s easy. Just log into your account and select which alerts you would like to see.

Alerts and reminders…just another way we are making life better, the cooperative way.






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